Lois’s Personal Page

“I have never felt able to express fully my emotions in words. Actions
sometimes worked, but for me it has always been music that best
expressed what I was feeling. Consequently, in anticipation of my
death—whenever that may be—I am making a request that I expect
will seem strange to you, but is the best I can do to express my
feelings of gratitude to all of you, my sadness about leaving you, and
the happiness I wish for you. I am asking you to take a few minutes
to listen to some music as my message to you. I can only hope that
you will hear in it what I am trying to say.

For me, Chopin has always said it best. His preludes for piano are
short, but say so much.

(You can just google Chopin, opus 28 and the number to hear them.)

My gratitude to you for your support and love:
Opus 28, No. 20
My sadness at leaving you:
Opus 28, No. 4
My loving wishes for your future:
Opus 28, No. 17

Thanks for tolerating my quirkiness.
Love, Lois